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Reasonable Global Customized Travel

After years of experience creating customized travel adventures for our family, friends suggested that we blog about our experiences in Russia, South America, Africa and our upcoming Around the World trip begininning in January of 2019.  I hope to enlighten you about small group travel that is customized to your desires.

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Tips on how to develop your own customized travel itinerary.

In this blog I will share with you travel tips about safety, financial and health needs.  Under the specific countries I will include agencies, cruise lines and extraordinary guides for your trips in those specific areas.  Also resources and ways to obtain discounted travel where possible.

Tennis tournaments, hiking, cruising, safaris and more!

My favorite way of traveling is small group, customized travel to my desires.  Be it a Grand Slam tennis tournament, hiking Machu Picchu or exploring Patagonia on our own terms I have tips on how to plan your ideal vacation for a family of all ages, seniors or singles.